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There are no words.

We explore the search for connection and authenticity in a world dominated by social media. Valuing words and community. Welcome and enjoy the ride!
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I will try to write this post with all the sense and feeling I want it to have.

In order to convey all this electricity that has been running through my body and comes directly from the heart.

I will start by saying that there must be few things as satisfying as being part of a community. Joining one, then, is pure happiness.

Let's begin.

Words missing life image

Don't you feel that we are all screaming on social media? Everything is fast, noisy, ephemeral, non-negotiable, and superficial. Many times it's beautiful, but nothing lasts more than 3 seconds. We are a repository of tons of information bombarded at 800 km/h. All of us struggling to understand an algorithm that has no soul (nor does it need one), insisting on boxing us in, interpreting us, and having no interest in building something useful, something human. I feel like it chews on my brain, tires me, consumes me.

And here we are... all playing this game somewhat aimlessly... without even the good old smell of a gymnasium:)

Words missing image

I feel (for some time now) that several things are missing in this somewhat crazy context... and all of them could be summed up as: WORDS. We are missing WORDS. To listen, to be heard, to read calmly (without that anxious finger holding the screen so that the content and thoughts don't escape) to write, to share, to help, to contribute. To build together.

Podcasts are refreshing in this context... but they are one-sided. Some insist on being fast, fearing to tire these minds used to immediacy... and it's a shame. Still, I love them with all my heart. But something is missing.

Missing words, walk in the woods

In the online courses I have taken, I clearly realized that the time reserved for that moment is indeed one of the greatest gains... it almost overlaps with the objective of the course itself. In retreats, it's the same, "same, same." Time, being able to listen, be heard, exchange doubts, experiences, make unlikely friends.

I need this, calm, sharing, words. Words shared calmly. Without scrolling every 2 seconds, without disjointed music that has no beginning or end, without anxiety. I know, slow life and blah blah blah... it's old, it's not even in use anymore. But my desire to slow down is also growing. I oscillate between slowing down and (in order) to gain momentum.


Missing words - Family

So, I'll go back to the "oldie but goldie" BLOG format (I had one before, which I'll talk about in another post)...

BUT!!! I won't go alone, I gathered a community of people who are coming with me, most of them familiar to you, who will contribute with a wide variety of content, all under that common "umbrella": FAMILY (which is, in essence, all of us). Therefore, the blog's theme will basically be "people," in their simple and beautiful complexity and mutability, on this path we are all walking, but this time we will go together on the path without traffic, on that road that crosses fields, slowly, smelling fresh grass... enjoying the journey.


Book tips and reviews, we'll interpret the fabulous world of teenagers, share recipes, podcasts, thoughts, create stories, talk about babies, grandparents, art, series, bonds, sports, mind tricks, etc., etc. (I don't want it to end!)

Welcome to our blog. Enjoy the ride!

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Sara Rebel

Sara Rebel

Tão bom e refrescante voltar a este formato: back to the basics :)

Tão bom e refrescante voltar a este formato: back to the basics :)

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