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Generational Patterns

Inês Gaya reflects on how often we repeat family patterns out of unconscious loyalty and how to change, it is crucial to recognize and understand these patterns. The process of liberation involves honoring the past, consciously choosing a new path, and creating new patterns aligned with our true essence. Thus, we redefine our reality from the inside out.
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We often assume behaviors that repeat in our family. Because belonging is an unconscious need for all of us, we end up repeating patterns out of unconscious loyalty. These can be relational patterns, addictions…

A pattern is often distressing, it's like being adrift in the open sea, drowning in deep waters. Sometimes we reach the surface and catch our breath, but then another wave comes and takes us back into the ocean's darkness.

That's why it's so important to “learn to swim,” so we can deal with and free ourselves from repetitive patterns that don't contribute to our balance.

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How can we start a path of liberation:

1- Begin by becoming aware that this pattern exists.

2- Observe if it is something that has been repeating in your family;

3- Identify what benefit this pattern brings - as strange as it may seem, the truth is that any repetitive behavior or pattern is trying to preserve something, to compensate.

4- Honor the past by thanking: To truly start a path of healing and detachment, it is necessary to include and honor rather than reject. Thanking for the lessons of that pattern, honoring the people who came before you and to whom you are probably being loyal by repeating that pattern, is a very important step to truly free yourself.

5- Choose a new path, one day at a time, adopting different behavior, detaching from places, people, and rituals that refer to the standard behavior.

6- Create a new pattern, more aligned with your truth.

We are co-creators of our reality, and with presence and determination, it is possible to create new narratives, new worlds, new realities, from the inside out.

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