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Catita Illustrations® is a brand founded by Rita Sousa, a Portuguese illustrator in 2012. Her works portray characters and everyday situations with delicate strokes and a vibrant and fun color palette, managing to convey emotions and messages in a subtle and poetic.

We are Catitaillustrations®

We are catitaillustrations

Catita Illustrations® is a brand founded by Rita Sousa, a Portuguese illustrator in 2012 and joined by Henrique Garcia in 2015. Her works portray everyday characters and situations with delicate lines and a palette of vibrant and fun colors, achieving transmit emotions and messages in a subtle and poetic way. The brand is present in more than 10 countries, and its illustrations can be found in books, magazines, decoration products and on its social networks, where it shares its creative process and inspirations.

We promise your experience with CatitaIllustrations® will be driven by happiness and fun.


This is really very important for us!

If you are interested in distributing our products, we would love to hear from you! All of our products are supplied packaged and ready (except posters) for retail sale. For prices and availability please contact us!

You can find our products in stores all over the world... well... only in Europe actually. (which is also really cool!)

Austria, Belgium, Estonia, France, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom


WE ARE FAMILY... and a good pair of designers!

The illustrator was joined by a very experienced publicist and BOOOMMM!!!

Creativity and strategy together at the service of other brands.

We turn love into memorable brands. Design that excites, communicates, transforms and positions your products.

Illustration: If you need to add a more organic language to your corporate image, or are looking for a new way to jazz up your products, we offer fully personalized illustration services.

Graphic and Web Design: Are you looking for a cool and functional website? Or maybe you need eye-catching packaging that your customers will fall in love with? Or what do you need to find that perfect visual language to communicate your brand? We promise to make your products shine.

Brand Identity: We are experienced in designing and building brands. Creative direction, branding, copy, social media, newsletters, strategy... are some of our specialties!

Advertising: Extensive experience in advertising creativity, both for traditional and online media.


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