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A blog about the beauty of everyday life

Espaço de partilha e reflexão sobre a complexidade das relações familiares, abordando temas como a parentalidade, a adolescência, receitas, livros, séries, arte e muito mais. Será um lugar para abrandar e apreciar a viagem, com conteúdos variados de uma comunidade de colaboradores e amigos.

Bem-vindos e "Enjoy the ride"!

Avó - Catita illustrations
crónica By Maria Midões


Maria Midões, photographer, takes us on a journey through the sweetest memories of her grandmother's kitchen. Maria fondly recalls the family's favorite dishes, such as rice pudding and sea bass pa...
Padrões Geracionais - Catita illustrations
crónica By Inês Gaya

Generational Patterns

Inês Gaya reflects on how often we repeat family patterns out of unconscious loyalty and how to change, it is crucial to recognize and understand these patterns. The process of liberation involves ...
Sempre chegamos ao sítio aonde nos esperam - Catita illustrations
crónica By Isabel Cunha

We always arrive where they expect us

In this generous and honest text, Isabel Cunha shares her journey of overcoming a challenging and toxic relationship. She emphasizes the importance of support from other women and encourages reader...
Os meus livros e brinquedos favoritos - Catita illustrations
livros By Mariana Sabido

My Favorite Books and Toys

The favorite books and toys of Mariana Sabido, a photographer and mother of 2 girls. Waldorf dolls and toys, Gerda Muller's collection about the seasons, the classic "Le premier livre du bébé" from...
7 Dicas de Alimentação Saudável e Simples no Pós-Parto - Catita illustrations
Alimentação By Joana Teixeira

7 Simple and Healthy Postpartum Eating Tips

Joana Teixeira, founder of The Therapist and mother of two children, shares postpartum healthy eating tips: hydration, fiber, Omega-3, frozen meals, and nuts. She highlights the importance of seeki...
Os dias vazios - Catita illustrations
Editorial By Rita Sousa

Empty Days

One day, just one day where you don't push yourself to the limit, may seem like a lost day... A brief reflection on doing nothing.
Mamã, dói-me a barriga! - Catita illustrations
Psicologia By Ana Oliveira

Mummy, my tummy hurts!

Increase in anxiety among young children; importance of educating to "feel" and deal with frustration; when is it necessary to seek specialized help?
Ovinhos da Páscoa de Côco e Limão - Catita illustrations
Receita By Joana Limão

Coco and Lemon Easter Eggs

Recipe for coconut and lemon Easter eggs made with nutrient-rich ingredients and natural coloring options, a fun activity to include children.
Faltam palavras. - Catita illustrations
Editorial By Rita Sousa

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We explore the search for connection and authenticity in a world dominated by social media. Valuing words and community. Welcome and enjoy the ride!